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About ETPS

Just an artist and a writer floating around YouTube. If you see my stories in a comment section, feel free to share some feedback!! I'd love it.

Hello, Buttercups!!
On this channel, I will mostly upload vids of my adorable guinea pigs Apple and Pumpkin, as well as my cat Ruby, Drawings and "Animatics", and Song Covers. I've also done some Live Streams, and I don't plan on stopping now :)
Also, since I'm a writer, I've considered doing story narrations. What do you think about that? :D

Please stick around to view my content, and maybe even subscribe and ring that notification bell, so you know when I release new stuff!! Biyo~, friendos!! °♡°

griffinmouse_etps (Regular)
etps_artist (Art and photography)

Nintendo Switch Friend Code:

P.S.: I'm trying to get to the status of "being seen everywhere," so look for my comments!! There's a good chance I'll be there!! :D

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