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Sobscrimbe pleez

What sexuality are you? : pansexual aka be nice to me
What pronouns do you use?: usually she/her but really use whatever.
How old are you?: 10-15
What type of videos do you make?: I make wcue videos, in a game on roblox following the warriors book series by Erin hunter.
Do you have an upload schedule?: not right now, I plan to make videos once or twice a week :)
What fandoms/games are you in?: warrior cats, animal jam, WorldBox, gacha club (sometimes).
How do I find your roblox account?: I have 2 accounts, one I play on a lot and one I don’t roleplay on that I use for videos! My username in roblox is POPPYRUSH_WCUE. And that’s not my display name, I don’t have a display name. That is the only account I will use for videos.
Where are you from?: 🇺🇸 🦅

Sub goals:
100: thanks & hangout live with subs (live canceled) ✅💯
200 q&a
500 longer livestream & hangout
1,000 hosting a game show live
2,500 your choices!
3,000 your choices!
4,000 your choices!
5,000 face rev

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