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About mindvolution

We stand today to cultivate together a more advanced society of individuals who live by a higher level of awareness and a deeper understanding of the world we live in, nature of reality and human mind.

The idea is simple:
Improve yourself and together we will change the world

We believe that people today live with too many old paradigms and narrow understanding, guided by primitive motivators and shallow stereotypes. We believe that there is too much pharmacology and too less self-management education. Too much greed and insufficient rationale.

We need to take the next step in our social evolution with evolution in our minds. This is the only real change - from the inside out.

- True change takes place first in the mind -

The future depends on us. All of us. Every man and every woman. YOU !

We stand together for a brighter future, living in harmony with each other and with nature in an age of reason and sense.

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