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About Myśtii•Såph

Hello! My name is Mystii (not actually 🔒) but you can call me Mystii! Unless we are really close friends ^^ !! I don’t normally post videos often, I’m not talented enough to do that. If you see any cringe on my channel, just know it’s probably from a VERY long time ago, like 3 years ago. It’ll take time to delete these things. I post every few days depending on motivation. I love making friends, mainly online friends, because I am socially awkward. You may ask me anything except, my age, where I live, who my friends or family are (unless they give permission), or face reveal or something like that. That’s my decision 😌. Videos from me are mainly just Gacha videos or random stuff online, I don’t normally show anything in real life, unless I am confident. Anyways, I’m about to run out of letters or space to put here, so bye! :)

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