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🙋 Sweet Noise channel can help you focus, relax and sleep better.
You'll will find here 10-hour videos with White Noise, Pink Noise, Brown Noise, and many other useful types of noise lasting up to 12 hours, created to help you mask extraneous sounds and environmental noises throughout the night. You can use it all the time when you are sleeping, working or resting.

🎧 Using our Black Noise or White Noise you'll be able to get rid of annoying sounds from the outside and drown out the noisy environment, so that you can focus on your studies and prepare for exams more easily (even if your neighbors or roommate are noisy or talking loudly near you). Listening to our Brown Noise or Pink Noise you will be able to fall asleep quickly and sleep tight.

👶 If you have a newborn child then our series "Noise for Baby Sleep" will help you to Soothe Your Baby and put him or her to bed much faster than other ways.

🎧😴 Sweet Noise 💙


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