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Chris Lyons DJ

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About Chris Lyons DJ

Music producer and DJ living/working alternatively in Canary Islands, Spain and Bologna, Italy.

Chris' uplifting, synthwave-inspired house music brings you to the beaches of Canary Islands, after a surf session, dancing with friends, in a state of soothing excitement... regardless of where you are.

He broadcasts his music programmes on webradios: Radio eibiza (France), Maxximixx PlayLive (Israel)
He produces his own tracks also under the psedonyms of Numatra and Mint Attack.

In 2018 he created Riding the Soundwave, a series of Progressive House / Melodic Progressive / Vocal Trance Djsets dedicated to Surfing. In 2020 he launched Connections (melodic progressive) and Multiverse (progressive) programme series.

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