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Thank you for using LiteTube. When I started LiteTube back in 2016 I never envisioned it being as popular as it has become. For you guys making it so popular, I am very greatful. But as you have likely noticed recently, the website has started to slowdown an many features have broken including the search pagination and the transparency on the playlist player. These are all known issues that will be fixed in LiteTube 8.0.0. The reason that these issues have not been fixed is because I am in my final year of high school and am being bogged down with assignments and because I am rewriting LiteTube from the ground up to be more stable, featureful, and userfriendly. I estimate that LiteTube 8.0.0 will take a month to complete so have patience. If you would like to suggest a feature for LiteTube 8.0.0, you can by sending an email to ~pch/ No new features will be added to the current version of LiteTube, LiteTube X. All new features will be added to LiteTube 8.


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