Floss Floss Dance & Toss

Published 2006-08-25

Size: 4.75MB - packed with video and music for your enjoyment :)
Note: This game hates really slow computers.

"Floss Floss Dance and Toss" features music from Newgrounds members! (see game credits for song/artist links)

This is my first full game! I thought I'd wait to post something worth your play time, instead of another "Mario vs Something" video (although I have seen some good ones). Enjoy! I welcome any constructive criticism as I intend to keep improving on game development skills.

"Floss Floss Dance and Toss" is dedicated to my favorite dentist, who cares much about her patients. The dancer is her brother, who is also a professional actor.

As far as the workings go, the music timeline makes video and arrow creation requests at the beat of the music. The arrows keep track of themselves, determine scores or penalties, and delete themselves after exiting the screen. That was fun.