Published 2009-10-30

Description is a story-driven RPG utilizing turn-based strategic combat and an upgrade system allowing players to customize their characters in any way. Each of three main playable characters can receive up to two powerful beings, each with unique abilities, that can be summoned in battle to help in difficult situations. Additionally, each main character receives a unique set of spells and skills as they level up, while being able to choose three "Perks" as passive bonuses to further enhance their combat abilities.

If you like a challenging and unique gameplay, you may find this enjoyable. Thank you for the support!

Trailer tch?v=mbV5YMtpgGY

Strategy Guide c/guides/genesis/

Support forum:
http://genesis.1manstudio .net/forum/
Move around with Arrow keys or WASD
Use mouse to interact

Oct 30 Update-------------------
There is is an odd bug. If you your space bar keys is hold-down when you click on the control buttons, all action phase will be skiped. I haven't found a way to fix this yet but if it happen, try to press your spacebar to make sure it is not stucked. Also, you can try to close the browser and restart it.

Sorry for the issue and I hope you can continue to enjoy it!