Space Chaos

Published 2010-03-15

An epic space shooter with lots of detail, levels and weapon upgrades.

The universe is under attack by huge enemy space stations, attacking planets and anything that gets in their way.Blow the enemy to bits and Save the Universe!

The game comes with a level editor with which you can easily create and share your own levels.

Game Instructions

Huge enemy space stations are attacking, your task is to save the universe.

Arrow keys - move ship
[Z] - Fire primary weapon ( German keyboards can use [Y] )
[X] - Fire secondary weapon
[C] - Fire both weapons simultaneous
Hold SPACE + LEFT/RIGHT - Change secondary weapon
[0 to 9] - Weapon shortcuts
SHIFT - Use speed boost (buy it first!)
[P] - Pause

Sample "custom level code":

ldqZMfSjVTJHtiwjZMIJgy0Tf d1WAdUNxuwe3Z/pWH/bJ7Xl2o XVytQII/too8K05KnmsxaWrEy tDBPuZMcQ32efSF2RRQfF5N6s 5b28oJAkB3akgPvy17PWZMqa6 6aZUyoKbGwV0lACN9Q5es7EP9 Oi4RDHpZPpBAudCsXXVdgvMQu x1upEwPh1yksANepmELiknaTo A4FumTzi5En5puXztBf:SKpPW klGU07lMWwZvJrP6JULjxZjMz OZfHro2SXicm3PkbZZuKEHGoc 94Ot2ron:mtYpB8lDr4TnXlfD ZbrShY1DRCqvqaioFQhVPIAe0 IU/g0jeToSADO2LYvYppK63UX GTV7JJS8/p1vs:ewEtqrAbTIG MflIUh9i8DGehBq5xwlIc3AJr rsIgus/HeXMv9nbkV5qGjQSEu 8aN::soHM2k35xwplm4ozvMzi obOa6wWnTyPyTSnRw=