The SalaryMan

Published 2015-01-18

The salaryman is an indirect spiritual sequel to "The artist"
As the artist accepted the job and walk out of the office, we leave him to his story and redirect our focus on the salaryman, who he works under the company.

The animation is a manifestation of the situation in my home country, where everyone is too busy earning a living and making sure they bring back food on the table.

The Government calls out to everyone to be more productive, warn us of many capable people out there taking every opportunity to take our jobs, making sure we work hard, earn your salary, be a family man and repeat till you are unable to work anymore.

The animation is a shoutout to this madness that is ongoing ever since our country went into full over-drive in progress.

Thanks for watching.

The salaryman's ending is the answer to the artist's ending of "did he really kill himself" in the boss's room. The answer is no, as it was all a manifestation in his mind when he took his pay cheque.