Block Toggle

Published 2019-12-01

Block Toggle is a puzzle platformer where you need to turn blocks on or off to reach the exit portal.

Menu Select: Enter or Space
Move: WASD or Arrow Keys
Toggle Blocks: 123 or Left/Right Mouse
Reset: R
Back: Esc or B

Update 1: adjusted level 7 as it was too difficult for an early level.

Update 2: improved the loading screen background.

Update 3:
Added info to controls that both left and right mouse buttons can be used.
Adjusted levels 8 and 19.

Update 4:
You now slow down faster when on the ground.
Portal groups now have slightly different colors to set them apart.
Added a block to level 19.

Update 5:
Fixed a bug where the game would fail to start if the browser decided not to use WebGL.