Swingin' 2

Published 2020-03-31

Grapple, pull, and swing your way through obstacles in the sequel to Swingin'

Music is by Evan King


Click on a spot to grapple to any object in that direction

Press Q to increase pull strength

Press E to relieve pull strength

I had a lot of ideas that I wanted to put in the original game but I got lazy and just made a sequel to it.

My friends have tried the previous game and told me the levels were a bit too hard, so I made the levels in this game

a little bit easier than the previous game.

I'm probably going to make one final installment to this, which is likely going to have guns and shooting in it.

Hope you enjoy! And thanks for featuring my game Tom! (Or another admin)

2020/04/04 Update: Added speedrun mode, and cleaner animations

Available on crazygames.com now!