Swingin' 3

Published 2020-04-02

Grapple, pull, and swing the ragdoll in the finale! I had a lot of spare time recently so I spent the whole day making the final game. This game is meant to be challenging and difficult, so if it is too hard, please do not complain.

I actually personally liked Swingin' 2 better. I really hate the title screen art for this one.

Music by Evan King and MDK


Click a spot to grapple any object in that direction

Press Q to increase pull strength and E to reduce

I experimented a lot with the game and found it much more suitable for the levels to be vertical instead of horizontal.

Unfortunately I couldn't add shooting mechanics because it would interfere with the grapple mechanic. I'm really sorry and I promise I will make another shooting game in the future.

Oh my god, thanks Tom (again maybe another admin) for front paging it!