Pain Reaction

Published 2020-08-17

Pain Reaction is a very difficult score-based top-down shooter in which you fight off 4 different types of slimes and turrets. Killing enemies with your very slow rockets causes them to spit out a last ditch attempt of success as they explode into bullets. These bullets can kill other enemies which leads to a the screen being filled with white projectiles, simular to the Shotgun Kin Enemies from Enter the Gungeon.

This game was made in 6 hours for the 82nd Trijam. The 2 days after were spent adding things such as a new enemy and a boss fight.

I finished the main gamplay after about 2 and a half hours, but the Music, SFX, Balancing, Menu and Endscreen took another 3 hours to get right.

Feedback and criticism are always greatly appreciated, I read and take all ratings into account! :)

Have fun!