Tankmas ADVENTure 2020

Published 2020-12-02

New content added every single day this December in the non-denominational Tankmas™

Bless our best boy GeoKureli, hosting this year while battling COVID-19 himself (Update: I'm fine).



WASD or ARROW KEYS to move

Z, J, SPACE or left click to interact or select (in menus)

X, K to emote or go back/cancel (in menus)

+ / - adjusts the game's volume

ERTYUIOP to play instruments

Supports gamepads and mobile!

Source code: https://github.com/Geokureli/Advent2020

Shout out to @austineast for helping us with online multiplayer!

This collaboration was somewhat hosted on our public Discord:


If you wanna fav the art, they're all tagged as "advent2020" https://www.newgrounds.com/search/conduct/art?tags=advent2020

"Have a Grand Tankmas ADVENTure!" - Probably @TomFulp


Dec 5th - We had some hiccups this morning and last night. Sorry about that, but we got it fixed. On an unrelated note, Brave Browser seems to mess with the game, I recommend turning the Brave Shield off for this page. Overall I recommend using Chrome

Dec 7th - Good news everyone, even though my fiance and I were unknowingly exposed to covid for 2 whole days we just tested negative. Sorry if anyone got scared or feels misled by my previous self-diagnosis. I guess it was just some other flu virus. I appreciate everyone wishing us good health.

Dec 8th - Yo dawg, I heard you like games, so I put a game inside this game.

P.s.: fixed the dresser

Dec 9th - Happy Birthday Nick! Also so psyched we got weekly 1st!! -b

Dec 11th - Added gamepad controls to the digging game as well as some improved feedback

Dec 13th - Improved the Hot Bun Run replay. You can restart it in the middle of your run by going to the desk in your bedroom.

Dec 14th - You won't lose skins if you play on different devices or clear your browser history, now.

Dec 19th - Thanks for coming to the Duncan & Jones 3 screening! It was so great seeing a hundred in attendance at 6pm EST :)

Dec 24th - the lobby music playing while the big present happens was not intentional. that has been fixed. we also had a lovely screening of a Grinch cartoon collab!

Dec 25th - Merry Tankmas!

Dec 26th - Oh hell yea there's more content :)

Dec 29th - Congrats to Urichov for reaching 300,000 points in Holiday Hominid Drop!

Jan 1st - HAPPY NEW YEAR! Enjoy the Hall of Credits and a lil' track by @heyopc