Super Mumtaz Bros.

Published 2021-02-04

Controls: Standard Pico-8 controls: Arrow keys for movement, to use character ability, Z to swap characters, Enter for pause menu. Gamepads *should* work.

In Super Mumtaz Bros. you join the titular plumbing brothers on their mission to rescue Princess Sana from... chickens?

•Hunt down radioactive chickens by using the Geiger counter!

•Break pipes!

•Repair pipes!

•Run around!


•Platform action!

•Discover secrets!

•Collect trophies!

•No jumping!*

Super Mumtaz Bros. is a highly realistic plumbing simulator that was made in Pico-8 for Toy Box Jam 2020 from 18th December 2020 to 3rd January 2020.

ToyBoxJam is hosted by Tom Hall (of Id Software, Commander Keen, and Ion Storm fame) and gives everyone the same starting graphics and music as a Pico-8 cart. The gameplay and everything else is up to you, so I decided to have a go at making my first platformer. So of course, it had to be a platformer with no jumping*. For more info about the jam or to try out the other submissions and see how others used the assets, visit the ToyBoxJam page on Itch.

How to play

Super Mumtaz Bros. is not a complicated game, but this is what you need to do:


Ali can find chickens stuck in pipes using his Geiger counter. He can then stomp on pipes to get the chickens out.


Bilal can spend money to place new pipes. You'll need to find money to pay for pipes.


The Geiger counter clicks more the closer you are to a chicken. The rings turn orange when you're really close.  Stomp the pipe when you're in the right spot!


You can't jump*. So use the terrain to your advantage!


1.04 Fixed character swap bug, slight alterations to the tutorial

1.03 Fixed a wall collision bug

1.02 Initial version