Published 2021-03-08

Dofense is a tower defense game that focuses on the joy of mazing and features a credit based system that allows for deep strategic gameplay to maximize your score. 


Each battle starts with an Energy center powered by six cores. The generated energy is used to build towers. Enemy units come to steal the cores. You have to kill them before they reach their gate with the core. There are 8 types of towers (Gun, Cannon, Laser, Pyro, Spikes, Volta, Flood), each with parameterized attributes (Damage, Cost, Delay, Range, Turn speed, Reload time). These attributes can be boosted by applying credits that you get at the beginning of each level. You get to use limited number of credits to boost certain attributes of your favorite towers so that you can win the match.

Enemies also come in variety of ways. There are 8 kinds so far. Some are stronger, others are faster, some can stun your towers, while some can destroy them. All enemies come with Shield and Health. Typically health is not damaged, until shield is depleted. But this behavior changes depending on the tower. For example, Pyro and Volta can kill enemy even if their shield is intact; while Laser can only heavily harm health and but is weak against shields. As you can see, this allows for number of ways of crafting a strategy.

In addition, you get Actions. These are one time actions that let you kill certain enemies instantly. For example, a Sniper shot or an Air strike. There are 6 different types of actions available so far.

Each battle can be played in 3 difficulty settings depending upon your skill level. Moreover there's an endless mode. In this mode enemies keep coming and their numbers keep growing. Eventually they will succeed in stealing all your cores. You have to end the match by building an antenna tower on the enemy gate and destroy it. You have to pick the right moment for this, so that you score as high as you can, yet are not overwhelmed by enemy crowd. If all cores are lost, your maximum score won't be counted.

Hope you like the game. Looking forward to your feedback.

[Update v0.0.15] Fixed a bug in Land mines

[Update v0.0.14] Added two more levels, making onboarding more gradual. Added shield visuals. Pause on damage mechanic from Spikes trap.

[Update v0.0.13] Recalibrated level progression criteria to make it easier to unlock next levels. Also reduced difficulty on some levels after initial feedback.