Published 2021-04-16

Standard Pico-8 controls: Z, X and Arrow Keys. *Should* work with gamepads. *May* work on touchscreens.

piCOLUMNS is a port of the classic puzzle game Columns to Pico-8.

  • Line up three or more jewels of the same colour, chain together combos for massive points
  • Multi-gems, wildcards and obstacle blocks to spice up the game
  • Remix of the classic Megadrive/Genesis music
  • Customisable game options
  • 5 tilesets including colour-blind-friendly 'Symbols' mode


  • Made fall speed increase more smoothly
  • Music: Off actually disables all the music in the game now


  • Added jewel fragments (MOAR PARTICLES)
  • Added a 'current trio' display underneath 'next trio' (useful when things are getting hectic)
  • Classic level progression increases speed slightly faster
  • Added a different border sprite around the play area


  • Initial version