Published 2021-05-01

If you have performance issues, try downloading this for Windows

A short game made in around three days about an ever expanding ego, with an Edmund Mcmillen - Blackthornprod inspired artstyle

Once your ego starts growing, it cannot stop. Things can get out of control very fast as your ego continues to grow and eventually cause everything to go downhill.

This was made more for experimenting with concepts, sorry if it isn't as polished.

How to play

Aim with your cursor and shoot by clicking/holding the mouse button or space

You can shoot farther by aiming farther away

Black cells grow a single cell

Grey conjoined cells can grow and multiply depending on how many cells you currently have

Gold cells grow a cell with a special bullet ability (laser, zigzag, etc.)

Purple cells grow a rotating cell; anything that grows on it will rotate with it