Hatchin' Gatos

Published 2021-07-26

[WASD to navigate menu, 1 and 2 to adjust the volume]

Experiencing lag? download the game on itch.io: https://srperez.itch.io/hatchin-gatos

Hatchin' Gatos is a fun and fast Arcade game where you jump, dash and parry falling eggs before they get to the ground. Multiply your points by doing long strings of combos in mid-air and get the highest score possible!

If 3 cat eggs reach the ground and hatch, you'll lose. But don't worry! You have a cat collection that consists of every cat you've let reach the ground ever. You can use them to unlock extra skins.

There are 3 difficulties: Normal, Hard and Insane. Unlock them by reaching high scores.

Game made for the egg-themed July-Jam-2021.

I didn't find a way to fix medals :(