Hell Fight

Published 2021-09-06


A game included both my very favorite genre: rogue-like and souls-like with a twist.

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This game is still in active development process and still can be very adjustable about everything. So please tell me your thoughts about the game, feedback and suggestion will be applied almost immediately! 

The only bad thing about often update is, the leaderboard will probably get reset after some updates to be fair.

Follow me and expect constant update of this game until it's final release.

iu_414690_9779122.gifHellFight [BETA] by Mary (itch.io)

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VERSION 1.1.2BETA(September 15th 2021)

1.1.2 is mainly a bug fix and balancing patch.

Player character changes:
・Stamina now stop for a bit before it start regenerating.
・Stamina cost now scale with attack damage.
・Player can now jump higher despite having low stamina.

Enemy changes:
・Enemy hp bar have longer up time.
・Spear-man have lower base damage 12 > 9
・Adjust Broyon(Level10 boss) attack's damage timing.
more predictable with its animation.
・Kobold spearman don't go offscreen anymore.
・Lightning Lash no longer castable on air.
・5, 15 , 25 level have no time limit now.
・Introduce new enemy type = CatKnight
・Fixed skelly boi have a small animation glitch when it try to turn.

Powerup changes:
・Survivor will reset after each boss fight. (It will be an available powerup again)
・Max damage powerup now have high chance to roll higher number.
・Break-fall consume significantly lower stamina.
・Dash cooldown roll higher number.
・Introduce new powerup: Recover

Other changes:
・Anti-cheat implementation. (I notice there were some cheater in the leaderboard)
・Localization implemented. (Supported language: English, Chinese S/T, Japanese) DM me if you feel like to contribute for a new language.
・Full gamepad support (Xbox controller tested)

Explaining some confusing concept about the game: (Please help me if you have an idea about how can I explain it easier)

  • Dash-Attack (Attack at the middle of dash)


  • Bonus: Lightning Lash upgrade