An Ordinary Adventure

Published 2021-09-07


✦NOTES: If John is walking backwards, just jump to reset it. And PLEASE DO NOT JUMP IN THE WELL TWICE, it softlocks the game. Darn Scratch limitations.

This one-of-a-kind classic from Scratch is now on Newgrounds!

This game is about a non-human being named SomeGuy. He was apparently created to be "perfect" at every way possible, so he can protect Earth from all harm.

But when he realizes that the Earth is and has always been perfectly safe, he thinks that his existence is a mere mistake...

So play as John as you go on an extremely usual adventure with SomeGuy to find out how he was created!

... and perhaps, discover a bitter secret lurking in his homeland too.



Arrow Keys/WAD - Move/Select

Down Arrow Key/S Key - Interact/Open doors

Space key - Enter/Go through dialogue

Holding space key - makes text go faster

X key - Skip dialogue 

1 key- Brightness down

2 key - Brightness up

✦ This game has two routes. It's recommended that you might as well get both endings to get the most out of this game! ^v^ ✦



Was featured in What The Community is Loving tab (6/28/2020), which is like frontpaging in Scratch!

Was also frontpaged in Newgrounds too! (09/7/2021)

This game took over 5 months to develop last year, and while I really love how this game turned out, my neck hurts so bad.

... now that I think about it, maybe that's why my ma called in a chiropractor.


@me, obviously

@Kilomatter* for addtl. polishing + art

Silicon14 and -ShinyRock- - soundtrack

@midgetsausage - addtl. music and NG release preperation


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