Chihuahua Revenge

Published 2021-10-05

Made in 72h for Ludum Dare 49

~ Controls

W (or Up Arrow or Space): Jump/double jump

Landing on monsters wil inflict damages when turned into the Were-Chihuahua

A,D(Or Left/Right Arrows): Move

Right Click: Dash ( 5sec cooldown)

When in human form, dash makes you immune to damage for the duration

When turned, dash will push the monsters and inflict damages

Left Click: Attack (fire your gun/use your claws)

~ About

After beeing biten by a cursed Chihuahua, His life changed, any mood swing would turn him into a blood-thirsty beast : The Were-Chihuahua,
He had to get away from his loved ones, and started to live a life of solitude and meditation, trying to find a cure to his Unstable condition, he started studying the Ocult,
He needed to go on a quest to free himself and get revenge on the Dark Forces for ruining his happy life,
The plan is simple:
1. Find way to Hell
2. Get revenge

Chihuahua Revenge is a 2D Sideview plateform/shooter in witch you seek revenge on the Dark Forces that cursed you to become a monster, your condition is Unstable , your Rage grows when killing monsters and you will turn into a beast if you're not carefull ( or will you willingly embrace your thirst for blood ? )

Rage fills when you inflict damages , when full you turn into a beast, changing you abilities, turning will replenish you HP, but turning back wil cost you some, beeing a Were-Chihuahua is exhausting...

~ Credit

Grizzly Cogs : Dev, Music, Game design

Ophélie David: Art, Game design

Jean Werkling: Game design, Level design, GIF Supplier