T.V. Boy

Published 2021-10-22

T.V. Boy is a mix of exploration and twin-stick shooter with cute characters and silly weapons.

Only T.V. Boy can save the captured citizens of TVtopia from the evil Emperor Ugu and his devious army of minions and miscreants.

Explore strange alien worlds and discover weird and wonderful weaponry in your quest to free the galaxy from tyranny.

Survive waves after wave of enemies, avoid traps and explosive obstacles and find hidden goodies to aid you on your adventure.


  • WASD/Arrow Keys to Move
  • Mouse - Look and Aim
  • LMB - Fire Zapper
  • RMB - Homing Rocket
  • Escape - Pause Game

UPDATED - I added some volume options and fixed a few glitches like the offset aiming reticule. Also added little upgrade shop between levels so you can spend any coins you have collected. I hope you enjoy the game!