Bricklayer for Newgrounds v1.5

Published 2021-11-19


I am aware of the current bugs, I’ll fix them another time since I’m busy today.

This was made for fun, don’t expect there to be every feature from the original game and/or Tetris itself. You aren’t meant to have “Bricklayer for Newgrounds v1.5” World Championships over here lolz. Let’s just say, if a feature is not included it’s cause I either couldn’t figure it out or I was too lazy and will probably fix it later if I have time, anyways enjoy this little gaem!


P - Pause

Left Arrow - Left

Right Arrow - Right

Up Arrow - Rotate

Down Arrow - Push Down

A - Left

D - Right

W - Rotate

S - Push Down

Space - Push Down


Bricklayer for Newgrounds is an HTML5 port of Steve Chamberlin's popular fast-paced falling blocks game for the Macintosh. The Macintosh version was honorably mentioned in the 1993 MacUser Shareware Awards, and favorably reviewed in numerous books and magazines. Guaranteed to get you addicted, Bricklayer for Newgrounds features beautiful 256-color artwork, an original music soundtrack, terrific sound effects, and more!

What was Tetris Max/Bricklayer?

It was known as the best Tetris game for 68k and PPC Macs.

It was also available for Windows PCs as well.

Development of the original game was stopped due to legal threats from the Tetris Co.

This is a remake of the Windows versions the game, version 1.5 to be exact.


@8BitAnt - Newgrounds Version

Steve Chamberlin - Original Creator

Yevgeny Gurevich - Windows Version

Peter Wagner - Music

Kevin Klinsky - Title Graphics


@AtreyuGilbert - Beta Tester

@ferha- Beta Tester

@PestFrigginDiez- Beta Tester

@Slowsolid- Beta Tester

@stevetherapper- Beta Tester

@t0mToM- Beta Tester

@TSCOCT- Beta Tester

@vickitine- Beta Tester