Tankmas ADVENTure 2021

Published 2021-12-01

Welcome to the Tankmas ADVENTure 2021

An online multiplayer experience, with new content added every single day this December in the non-denominational Tankmas™ A collaboration made possible thanks to NEWGROUNDS.



WASD or ARROW KEYS to move

Z, J, SPACE or left click to interact or select (in menus)

X, K to emote or go back/cancel (in menus)

+ / - adjusts the game's volume

Supports gamepads and mobile!

IMPORTANT: Each art medal can only be unlocked on the day it first appears! (except for the first present, that's available all throughout advent). you'll have to wait until next year to get the ones you missed.

Be sure to check out the previous Advent Calendars and earn badges by logging in every day!


Source code: https://github.com/oscarcederberg/tankmas2021-client

This collaboration was somewhat hosted on our public Discord:


If you wanna fav any of the art, they're all tagged as "advent2021"


12/1/21: Apologies for the mobile friends of ours, we forgot to check the appropriate boxes! You should now be able to play on mobile.

12/2/21: We did a stress test yesterday on the servers, and we can successfully say they're able to handle the load that'll be needed for this year. What a wonderfully quaint little store Pico had last night... We also fixed the song loop issue, so the clicking after the first play shouldn't be there anymore (thanks Geo!).

12/2/21 (again): Many people missed the day 1 medal for various reasons, so we've extended it's access all throughout advent!

12/10/21: The jukebox is now up and working in the Cafe! You can change the song that's playing in the background, or you could also make it a silent night if you want to attempt telling a joke.

12/12/21 (definitely not the 14th what are you talking about): The post office is up and running! Wonder what Tom's been sending from his comfy home...

12/15/21: Emotes within range of other players are now kisses(get a room), be careful of cooties!

12/19/21: Hey would you look at that, we were able to hire a waiter! You can now sit at any of the tables in the Cafe and they'll bring you a nice hot cuppa coffee. When you're ready to head back into the cold, they'll even clean up for ya!

12/22/21: Be sure to check out the New Grounds Cafe's HOT NEW MENU! Thanks to @Karlestonchew for drawing over 40 meals and drinks!

12/24/21: Enjoy the premiere of "The Holiday Network" in our theater, now showing!

12/25/21: Merry Non-Denominational Tankmas! Art drop coming soon :) (Sorry for the Delay!)

12/25/21: We hope you enjoy the premiere of the film "LUCKYBOY" tonight, here on Newgrounds!

12/26/21: sorry about that hiccup guys, the errors have been fixed and the game is up now //knosedoge, swedish programmer. PS: so sorry about the image not working, the exporting failed and i didn't test it after publishing (tested it pre-publish and it worked. so sorry! should work asap)

12/27/21: town hall is now.... open! visit the main lobby of it for an exclusive art-drop of the best kind. merry tankmas!

12/31/21: Made some fixes to the scoring of the yeti game. it was pretty brutal earlier. Shout out to @WojtekR for having the high score of 11 on hard mode, I expect new players will easily surpass that now that we've added a streak bonus