Into King Rabbit's Mansion

Published 2021-12-14

Once upon a time, in a universe same as ours, the turtle didn't win the legendry race and the Rabbit won.

The Great Consul of Turtles gathered and noticed that the rabbit cheated and the Trophy belongs to them.

The fastest turtle alive volunteered to the task, to get the trophy and as many medals he can carry.

Get Ready to go deeper and deeper into a King Rabbit's hand-crafted Metroidvania-style Mansion, sneaking around, discovering secret passages deep in the walls, avoiding the King Guards.

Speed Run your way through it

and Most Importantly, DON'T GET Caught!!!

The controls are simple

Move A D or left and right Arrow keys

Interact E

Zoom out left or right Shift

The Game was made with a Collab between me as a Coder and my sister as an Artist. and as entry to the Ludum Dare 48.

Background Music: 

"Music: Sneak Up On You by, Licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 3.0 License"!

#Adventure #LudumDare48 #stealth #platformer #pixelArt