LOG 1: Why They Banned Color From Sketch Collabs

Published 2021-12-15
I just thought to myself... this thing is a piece of shit, i want to delete it but i cant, anyway enjoy

It's finally here! why they banned color from sketch collabs!!!!!

after months of hard work here it is
I hope you enjoy to whole movie and to let you know the preloader doesn't work anymore!

also if you find any animation problems then contact me ASAP!

Back when Sketch Collab 2021 was still just starting to be compiled and edited, I asked @Ozone if I could release my part individually after the collab gets posted. He said yes, and I was excited, and I quickly pulled this extended version off because I thought they would be done compiling in 5-10 days.

... that was 5 weeks ago and now my hideous extended cut gets to see the light of day.


Figure 1: @NickConter and Ozone while editing my part in.

::::ALL THE LOGS (SO FAR):::::


Video uses the same sound effect library I used for A Waste o' Time's fake trailer. Go figure.

I hate this so much.

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