enCount Too

Published 2021-12-16

August 2021's greatest fast-paced puzzle game (contested) has a sequel!

Enjoy the first game remade as Basic Maths with extra questions and a CRAZY REMIX from @FalcoTz!! Now you don't even gotta play the first one! Or you can for nostalgia. Not my call!

Endure the challenge of Advanced Maths, the new mode with harder maths than before. Also if you fail it takes such a big chunk of your time hahaha. Ask Poin for a hint :)

@FalcoTz's music continues in this mode as well as the main menu, which was front-paged! Because it freakin' rocks!!! Make sure to say "thank you very much Mr. Falco your music is very nice and epic" in the reviews for the OST.

What are YOU waiting for? The maths to solve themselves? Nope, you're on the clock, and you better get solving!!


WSAD/Left Joystick/DPAD/Arrow Keys -> Move.

Enter/Space/(DualShock Circle, Xbox B, Nintendo A) -> Accept stuff.

Escape/(Select, DualShock Share, Nintendo -) -> Exit scene, game in main menu.

M/(DualShock Cross, Xbox A, Nintendo B) -> Toggle mute audio.

H/(DualShock Square, Xbox X, Nintendo Y) -> Get a hint. (Adv. Maths only.)

Credits to @3p0ch for his Newgrounds.io GDScript implementation used in-game!

Silver font by Poppy Works.

Windows and Linux versions (alongside Source Code) available on itch.io!