Published 2021-12-20


In Sub-Uber-Marine you are a sub-aquatic taxi driver. Deep-sea divers need your help getting around the ocean!

•Deliver divers to various locations in the ocean


•Repair any damage to your sub at the dock


•Follow the sonar pings so you don’t get lost


•Three different game modes: Arcade, Day Shift and Night Shift. In Arcade mode, complete as many fares as you can, each fare adds more time, like a certain taxi-based game by a very litigious company. In Day Shift, complete as many fares as you can in 8 minutes. In Night Shift, there are 20 divers scattered about the ocean, complete the fares as fast as possible.

•This game was originally made for Ludum Dare 48 back in April 2021. The jam version was made in 48 hours for the Compo and ended up coming 101st Overall. This is v1.0, the post-jam version.

•If you really like the game, you can buy and download it from my Itch page.

•So happy it's been featured!

If you really like the music, you can download the full soundtrack over on Bandcamp.


V1.0: Many additions, see blog post.

Rev 1: Fixed typo on title screen, fixed a bug that made the Evil Base location inaccessible.

Jam version: Initial version