Juice Abuse

Published 2022-01-11
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Juice Abuse is a local multiplayer platform shooter rhythm game in which players shoot automatically to the beat of the music.


Shatter dreams with up to 3 other people on 10 unique stages with 8 unique weapons. Blood is sweet, especially when it's 10% sugar, so use it to stay alive while you can.




"I only have one controller, what do I do?"

A: The first player can use keyboard and mouse as input, just start the game using the enter key.

"Will there be an AI component to this game?"

A: No. Party games aren't fun unless you play them with someone who can insult your mother while being flung off the stage.

"Will there be online multiplayer?"

A: Networking is hard, hosting is expensive. Use Parsec or Steam Remote Play to play with friends over the internet.

"What does jeremy taste like?"

A: Toothpaste

"I have no friends."

A: 😔


Font by Daniel Linssen, Special Thanks to Gurki360 & Federico Calchera

This game was made for the 2022 Juice Jam in 8 days.