he will never ballin

Published 2022-02-18

a) very sorry about the scuffage in the middle, my art program crashed and deleted ~2 hours of work BUT i happened to have a screen recording of the section it deleted, so... spliced video

b) i spent like. 15 hours on this. for less than 20 seconds of video. lol

c) everything is hand drawn, no tweening or rigged keyframes or anything! including duplicated layers and deleted frames, this thing totals over 1000 layers and 90-ish frames.

d) good luck to all the contest entrants!!! all of the submissions look amazing, im so excited for everyone :D

e) sorry if this description is stupid it is currently 2am and i have had a very busy week i am so tired rn

f) THERE WILL BE AUDIO ADDED!!! eventually! i think!

g) look at this silly guy