Captain Starforce

Published 2022-04-04


When a ship is stranded in the asteroid belt, when no one else can help, Starforce answer the call.iu_595758_882388.gif

Search the asteroid field for stranded ships. Defend the ships against asteroids and bring the crew safely back to the space station.

Made in 48 hours for Ludum Dare 50 Compo. Initially, at least. This is the post-jam version with (so far) about an hour or so a couple of hours of extra work.

Made in Pico-8.

Version history:

v1.1 - Added a radar ping to direct player back to the station, the station's positions are now randomised. Added six more ship graphics. Fixed a problem with space station shields not displaying properly. Fixed a couple of bugs with how asteroid damage was calculated. Adjusted the difficulty and balance: shields recharge slower, small asteroids do slightly more damage, large asteroids do significantly less damage.

v1.0 - Initial compo version