Just Passing - Chapter 2

Published 2022-10-26

Chapter 2 of my "Just Passing" game from a few years ago - which some users descirbed as "Hm, decent.", "It's almost there, but not quite." and "this also exists"

come see how little progressed I've made in making games!

This was made in a couple weeks whilst working a full time job and slowly dying, so it's likely rife with bugs and not as fun as the original - but being dead inside helps put you in the right mindset for a halloween game WOOOooOOoo

Jokes aside, I made this as I hadn't made many games in a while, so forced myself to make something familiar and not too far out of my comfort zone :)


Seems a lot of bugs sneaked in - working on them should get a big batch out tonight - so if it's broken try tomorrow

27/10/22 - was able to jump on in my lunch break and fixed permanent "!" marker - fixed a few collision things

27/10/22 B - I fixed the GPS issue, and also added a "location not found" sorta message too. This might mess with sprites in your inventory though - so sorry if the inventory is messed up when you load an old save