Published 2022-12-17


You hate cake. You REALLY hate cake.

You also happen to have a large supply of government issued c-4 explosives.

You know what must be done.


  • Arrow keys: movement
  • Z: place bomb
  • X: detonate
  • C: hold and use arrow keys to move camera
  • R: restart level
  • ESC: return to menu

Sandbox Controls:

  • V: toggle sandbox controls
  • Z: place tile
  • X: delete tile
  • C: hold and use arrow keys to change selected tile
  • R: clear sandbox
  • 1: place vent
  • 2: place laser
  • 3: place cake
  • 4: place bomb pickup

Music by StaggerNight

Performance an issue? Try the downloadable version on

This was an unfinished game jam project from a while back repurposed into an actual game.

Currently on a mission to create at least one small game per month for the sake of practice. Snack slice was my November game and this one is for December. Hope to get another one out next month for pixel day.