Moomoo's Maple Mishap v2 (Second Demo)

Published 2023-01-12

The Big Fat Cow stole your precious Maple Syrup (and your friends), so you must scurry to retrieve them before it's too late!

Moomoo's Maple Mishap v2 greatly expands on the first demo to bring you even more platforming goodness!

The game features:

  • A completely new story mode
  • All new levels, and more of them
  • Refined gameplay that's more fun and intuitive
  • Amazingly detailed, animated pixel art by me!!
  • Many new, originally composed music tracks to headbop to
  • Much more polish, and...
  • No more placeholder assets!! Finally!! (I will miss you, blue square with arrow inside it. I still think you're beautiful.)


  • Move - WASD or Arrow Keys
  • Jump - Z / Space (or press up)
  • Roll - X / Shift / Control (or press down)


If you want a full version of Moomoo's Maple Mishap, and are willing to support it... please... uh... uhhhhhhhhhh.... hmm.

This is typically the part where I would say, "back my Kickstarter for the game", but I am not sure I have the resources to make a complete game right now, and I'm not talking about money. Having more money wouldn't fix the underlying issue that I don't have the necessary expertise and experience (and mental health) to lead development on a funded, fully featured, large-scale game yet. I'm literally just one guy, making games in the rare time I have off from university!!

But!! If you liked this game and want to support me there are still things you can do!

  • Spread the word! Share this game with your friends and people you think would like it!
  • Show off the game on Twitch or YouTube! (I'd love to see your reactions to it)

Additionally if you think you'd be able to help development of the game please get in touch. I can't guarantee anything will come of this, but it feels like a good idea to get some kind of network of developers going incase some opportunity arises in the future.


Practically everything: Alzter (me!!!!!)

Losing sleep: Also me

Music: Me and ThisGreenDingo (thank you dude!!!!!)

Music Inspiration: Zhaytee (Joseph Toscano) (his soundtracks for Pingus and Tux Racer are such a vibe)

kangaroovindaloo - Their Desert Ambience Sounds​ were used in the tutorial level's music