ENA Animation - Browser History | HAPPY ENA DAY |

Published 2023-02-23

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I've never uploaded to newgrounds before, sorry if I did something wrong . . .


thank you for watching!

I've been super hyperfixated on ENA for a while now, and with the upcoming release of DREAM BBQ, I am just beyond excited! decided to start on this project a while back, and realized ENA DAY would be the perfect date to post this!

on and off, this took about two weeks! I tried some new things, and I made every model myself :)

hope you guys liked it!

you can purchase the ENA models on my gumroad: https://plushii3d.gumroad.com/l/ENA

youtube mirror:https://youtu.be/5c37ji0sKgw

ENA belongs to @JoelG !!!

Music by grahamkartna !!!