Published 2023-02-28


Lumina is an atmospheric 2D puzzle platformer with an emphasis on aesthetics. In a world which lost its color, players will travel to solve puzzles, overcome obstacles, and gain new abilities by rescuing the colors.

With the rescued color companions, players can use a variety of abilities including dashing quickly to gain distance, double jumping in the air, and more.

Avoid obstacles such as dark brambles, rushing currents, and monstrous plants to find the lost colors and bring life back to a withering world!


 Action         | Scheme 1 | Scheme 2
 Move           | A / D    | Left / Right
 Jump           | Space    | Space
 Interact       | W        | Up
 Use Ability    | Shift    | Shift
 Switch Ability | Z / X    | , / .

Any feedback or bug reports are greatly appreciated!

Known Bugs:

  • Web version "Reset to Checkpoint" button is obscured when not in fullscreen