Running on Empty (Jam version)

Published 2023-03-02

Running On Empty is a post-apocalyptic resource management/survival RPG, with 64x64 resolution, made for LOWREZJAM 2021 on in 2 weeks

This game was originally posted on at August 14th 2021

This is a Jam version and will not be updated

Updated version with more features is available on Steam

-You are a porter and you have to deliver the package to the destination safely


Space - Open Menu

1~9 - Select Options

Enter - Confirm

Esc - Cancel

Arrow keys/WASD - Move cursor

O/P - Adjust Music Volume

K/L - Adjust SFX Volume

In combat

Enter - Fire/Throw

Up arrow key/W - Aim

Down arrow key/S - Duck

Space - Open Menu


Health - Your health

Armor - Armor of your vehicle

Clothes - Condition of your clothes. It reduces your damage. You'll catch a cold if it's too low. 


Bobby Pins - Used to pick locks

Stimulants - Heal your health. Can be used in combat

Medkits - Heal your health greatly. Cannot be used in combat

Antibiotics - Cure infections

Repair Kits - Repair your vehicle's armor

Flashbangs - Used to stun enemies to run away in combat

Spare Clothes - Used to change clothes

Fuel Tanks - Used to refuel your vehicle


Guns - affects your aim accuracy and damage you give

Repair - affects your efficiency of Repair Kits

Sneak - affects your probability of successful sneaking and escape

Lockpick - affects your lockpicking ability

Survival - affects your effectiveness of food and water

Speech - affects your success rate of persuasion and intimidation

Barter - affects purchase prices of items

   Some skills affect certain options in some events


Fully Automatic - Enables you to shoot faster and continuously

Floating Module - Enables you to cross rivers safely

Booster - Enables you to travel faster (with increased fuel consumption)

Motion Tracker - Detects enemies and prevents ambush

Disinfector - Prevents illnesses caused by contaminated water

Stabilizer - Reduces your gun's recoil

Ballistic Armor - Reduces your vehicle's armor damage taken

You can get upgrades at locations with bigger building icons