Glash: From Cinder To Cinderella

Published 2023-03-03

In the Shadowlands, every year, the King Ashtur grants the title of Cinderella to the ash that manages to deliver one hundred crystals. These crystals are scattered throughout the kingdom, a few in the possession of three powerful witches who inhabit the place.

Cinder, a small ember half fire half ash, leaves her home and embarks on a new journey. Her mission: get the hundred crystals needed to appear before the king and win the title of Cinderella.

Use the temperature to unleash different attacks, progress, upgrade, discover new abilities and face different enemies through procedurally generated scenarios.

And become Cinderella!


Developed by:

Raúl Arenas (Naburo)

Julia Cajigal (Rocket Raw)

Mau (Sambero)

Adri (Irx99)

External Assets:

SFX: Freesound

Font: Fishes Friends y Strange Tales