Maerl Bay

Published 2023-04-26

Maerl Bay is a deep-sea diving game about finding and cataloguing algae beds of maerl found within Swedish waters. Pilot Calvin the Drone and snap as many photos of maerl as you can before bringing them back up top—watch out for the treacherous marine life below and keep an eye on your battery!

This game was produced in 45 hours for the 2023 GBG Science Jam in collaboration with marine plant physiologist Lina Rasmusson, whose research focuses on seagrass and other hydrophytes. Her current area of research revolves around finding and charting maerl in her ongoing project, "Fantastic Maerl and Where to Find Them".


  • WASD to move
  • Mouse to aim camera
  • Left click to take a picture


IF THE GAME CRASHES: Turns out there is a specific pop-up blocker on Chrome that somehow thinks the game is a popup and makes it crash, disable the blocker for Newgrounds and it should be fine!