Train Journey

Published 2023-05-21

You wake up on an empty train.

None of its stops are your own.

How will you get home...?

Trailer Video on YouTube


Train Journey is a 16-cartridge PICO-8 game (the maximum size) about a mysterious train to which the player is seemingly bound. Travel between stops, meet unique characters, and learn their stories. Can you free yourself and return home? Or will you ride the train forever...?


[Z/C]: Jump

[X/V]: Use Shooty

Enter: Pause

Left & Right Arrow Keys: Movement

Up Arrow Key: Interact & Shooty Up

Down Arrow Key+[X/V]: Use Shovel

The game is also compatible with most controllers.




I have recently become aware of a potential issue where the save data may not be preserving in the browser version all the time (and in general, the browser version is less reliable when it comes to save data) so to be safe, I'd recommend downloading the game on Of course still feel free to try out the browser version, but be warned! There's a chance you may lose your save data. (I'm pretty sure it depends on the browser you use-- I use Firefox and haven't had an issue with it yet). You can also play it on the Lexaloffle BBS in-browser, which seems to have been much more reliable as far as preserving save data.

Due to the way I used PICO-8 to make this game, and as a result of the level layout, you are unable to save in any "train stop" level. The game can only be saved in the train (when the screen flashes "game saved"). Note that the candle checkpoints are only checkpoints! You will not start at the checkpoint if you restart the game, so I'd recommend playing one level at a time, when you have the time to beat a whole level in a single sitting.

Note that there may be some bugs still left in, so please let me know if you spot any!

I've released the whole soundtrack on my YouTube Channel, so go check it out if you want!

Even if you're not interested in playing, thank you so much for checking out this game!!

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