Space Vikings Demo

Published 2023-08-18

The game might take a few seconds to load, thanks for your patience!

Join the eclectic Space Vikings crew as they battle and plunder across the galaxy! Arm yourself with high-tech weapons and mod them in creative and dangerous ways! Explore mysterious alien planets, battle bizarre alien creatures, and obtain Tech to bring glory and power to your clan!

The full game features dungeon exploration and arena combat inspired by Binding of Isaac and Tiny Rogues, 3 characters with unique abilities, 7 weapons, and 22 augments that allow for deep build customization. If you enjoy the demo, check out the full version on Steam!

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​- Blacksmith​ (Blacksmith's Shop), ​Bonfire​ (Shop), and ​Through the Mist​ (Main Menu) 

By Alexander Nakarada - - Licensed under Creative Commons BY Attribution 4.0 License.

-​​ Perpetual Tension​ (Loadout Menu)

​By Zander Noriega


​All Slime SFX and some Robot SFX obtained from ​  

- Boss Explosion SFX obtained from Blender Foundation under CC-BY 3.0 license. The sound effect was modified by layering it with a different sound effect