Waha's Robot Daze

Published 2023-08-26


2023-08-27: Delay in turning, picking and setting has been significantly reduced.


This is a Puzzle Game! But not the ordinary kind~ You're going to have to get very hands-on. Exciting, isn't it? ...Hey, eyes up here.Waha will need to move pieces into position all by herself, the poor thing. You'll help her, won't you? Here's how:

=== CONTROLS ===



Left and Right Arrows walk left and right. Hold them down to run up walls, Parkour style!

The Up Arrow will let you instantly Jump to the top of anything you are currently carrying!


Z: Interacts with objects and characters.

Picks up the entire stack of pieces in front of you.

It also sets down an entire stack all at once.

Y: Pick up the bottom piece of a stack in front of you

It also sets down one piece at a time from whatever you're carrying, starting from the bottom.

C: Kick the piece in front of you - it will move until it hits an obstruction or falls off a ledge.

=== GOAL ===

Use movement and functions to make it through all the levels.

Active puzzle rooms require that you clear every robot piece.



There are two main types of puzzle pieces: MONSTER pieces and BOMBS.

-Line up MONSTER pieces and detonate them with BOMBS!

-You need to match pieces of the same color in order for the BOMBS to work!

-You need to form a string of at least 3 pieces, including at least oneBOMB for the BOMB to set off and clear the string.

-You can blow up a lot more than that at once though; try it!

-A string with 5 or more pieces in it (including the BOMB(s)) will form a SUPERBOMB that will destroy everything of the same color once it's placed in a string of three or more of the same color.

Did I miss anything? I don't think I did... OH! if you happen to run into an INTELLIGENT ENEMY, you might need to damage them by clearing pieces as usual, but making sure that they're at an end of that string! You know, like "bomb, monster, monster, enemy"... something like that. Too abstract? Aww. It will make sense when you get there, promise~

That's it! You're ready to give it a shot. If you fail now, it can only be your fault. Sorry~!

=== CREDITS ===

This game was made by the following knuckleheads:

-rickropes: Programming and Story Editing

-Skoops: Art, Story and Dialogue

-Maldivir Dragonwitch: Music and Sound

This is a work in progress with updates, fixes, and a whole second instalment fast approaching. We'll make a lot of noise when the second half comes out, so please stay tuned!