One More Pull (Genshin Impact Song)

Published 2023-10-21

How many Primogems does it take to roll for your Genshin Impact's waifu? Perhaps, one too many, but one more pull... not gonna hurt. Enjoy our original Genshin meme song and animation! And no, Hoyoverse didn't sponsor us :p

Join Professor Chalk and his new companion Dr. Paimon - or Dr. Mihoyo - on their quest to pour all the wishes and intertwined fates into a dreadful gacha machine... likely to get another Qiqi or Bennett. Yellow glow, why don't you shine down on me?

Massive shoutout to our dear friend Black Gryph0n, voicing Professor Chalk, and to our special guest Rustage for helping to craft and for recording his amazing rap verses!

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"One More Pull" by The Chalkeaters

Written by Alios

Arranger / Guitars: Ergy

Music Producer: Tim Maslov

Vocals: Black Gryph0n & Rustage

Backing Vocals: Black Gryph0n & PiNKII

Mixing Engineer: Ilya Lukashev

Management: Vasilisa Denisova

Cover art: Pondis



Producer & Director: Alios

Screenplay: Alios & Benedique

Line Producer: Irene Maystruk

Art Director: Pondis

Lead Animator / Storyboard Artist: Benedique

Art: Pondis, Sveta Safiullina, Gramm Wein, Koldan Grey, Casty, Pentremor 

Animation: NEDOelf, Pentremor, Benedique

Video Editing / Compositing: Lenich