Atelier in the Attic

Published 2023-10-31

Enjoy the genuine artistic experience of painting in a cozy attic while getting bossed around by a telephone!

Controls: Mouse is used for everything. Make sure that you pick a brush and a paint pot BEFORE you attempt to draw, or nothing will appear on the canvas.

The font used is Adventurer by Brian J Smith.




  • Added a new song.


  • Added talking/blinking animations to cauldi
  • Added mute function
  • Added fullscreen (hopefully this doesn't break)

I had more ambitious plans for this game, but it ended up being a proof of concept, pretty much. Still had fun learning Godot during the process of making it. I hope to come back to this and improve it soon.




Zumbo Sauce by ME


Lalafel OC by @berlubbits


Exquisite skeleton by @TheCaptNoname