Lights Out (NGPD2024 Demo)

Published 2024-01-24

A new update for this years Pixel Day!



(Arrow Keys) Directional Moves --- Move (Up and Down on ladders) / Enter Door

(D) Main --- Interact / Pick Up Item / Climb Off Ladder / Enter Door

(A) Cancel --- Drop Item

(Enter)Start --- Pause (In Levels)


Up + Cancel (While Holding Item) --- Kick Item Left/Right

Down + Cancel (While Holding Item) --- Kick Item Upwards

Holding (Shift) Select (In Levels) --- Camera Mode

8-9 --- Cycle Custom Palettes


Hope you guys have fun with the new update. It took a while for many reasons, but it's done. I may or may not continue this and start on another game. If there's enough reception for another week or a full game I might continue development, there's still a lot of ideas I have in mind. Like always, feedback is appreciated. ~RazePXL


Dragonite - Lorikeet Shader (Palette Swapping wouldn't be possible without this):