Published 2024-03-05



Florisher is an inverse Minesweeper game. The goal is to extend the roots till it gets the required amount of water. The game is inspired by Lets! Revolution! which is an amazing Minesweeper game. The game supports 3 difficulties and 3 different plant types (different methods of playing as they have different reveal abilities). To reach a highscore, you want to make only one root branch pass through all the water tiles as the score depends on how many water tiles that branch passes through.

This game is created for GameZanga 2024 which is an Arabic Game Jam.


Left Mouse: Select and extend

Right Mouse: Kill a root branch to explore 


Game by Ahmed Khalifa

Sfx by Ahmed Khalifa

Art by Ahmed Khalifa

Music by InspectorJ from Freesound

Additional Sfx by Bricklover from Freesound