Sonic Paradox for Windows 95!

Published 2024-04-01

This is not just a silly, short cartoon! Now, you can enjoy many of the Sonic Paradox collaborations on your horribly-outdated computer using an obsolete digital video format!

To begin, download the collection of ISOs using the link below from MediaFire. This project was tested successfully on Windows 95 / 98, 7, 10 and 11!

Sonic Paradox for Windows 95 Disc Images [WinRAR Archive - 532.78 MB]

Options on how to use these disc images;

A. Break down the ISO files using WinRAR, 7Zip, etc. into usable data, then launch the included SPlayer application.

B. Use a program, such as WinCDEmu to play the ISO files directly.

C. Burn each disc image to its own compact disc using ImgBurn or other similar programs.

D. Break down the ISOs into usable data via programs like WinRAR, 7Zip, etc. then play back the included video files in any version of Windows Media Player to behold the majesty of top-of-the-line video compression from 1992!

This compilation is designed to run on mid-1990s computer hardware, though your mileage may vary on performance.

Recommended Minimum System Requirements:

166 MHz Pentium CPU


16-Bit Compatible Sound Card

640 x 480 pixel 256 Color / 8-bit Color Compatible Display


Microsoft Windows 95* or Later

*Updates may be needed to get this project to run on Windows 95 / 98, but it should work on Windows 98 SE, ME and beyond natively!

+ Project Staff +

Promotional Animation

Animation: TheWax

Graphic Design: TheWax, CelestOrion & Kwasior

Voice Acting: Time8th

Video & Audio Editing: Kwasior & Dr. Mack Foxx

Dancing Dr. Eggman Animation: Cacti

Writer & Director: Dr. Mack Foxx

+ Music +

“Theme of Dr. Robotnik’s Weird Adventures” By RecD

Windows 95 Sound Effects by Microsoft

Explosion Sound Effect by derplayer via

Explosion Animation B-roll provided by

+ Sonic Paradox for Windows 95 Disc Compilation +

Programming Wizard & Graphic Design: Kwasior

Graphic Design: Piggybank & TheWax

Project Testers: Gaerma & Aaraboga Jones

Project Director, Video & Audio Encoding: Dr. Mack Foxx

+ Music Used +

"Knuckles' Chaotix- Evening Star"

From the Sonic Paradox remix album: Project 20

Remixed By: BrutalKnuckles

Original Song Version by: Junko Shiratsu & Mariko Nanba

"Sonic 3- Hydrocity Act 1 Piano" & "Sonic 3- 2 Player VS- Chrome Gadget Piano"

Piano / Electronic covers by: John “EspioKaos” Weeks & Dr. Mack Foxx

Original Version Songs by: Sonic Team / SEGA